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Episode 30 – Marcos Avellan

March 19, 2020

Rob and Dave welcome their first online guest Marcos Avellan to the podcast. Marcos is David’s older brother, and the trio go over a variety of subjects, from making good use of the time we have, mental toughness, to how the Coronavirus can actually benefit serious competitors. You can learn more from Marcos Avellan by […]


Episode 29 – Coronavirus

March 12, 2020

Being inundated with coronavirus news, Dave and Rob talk at length about the COVID-19 pandemic and how it is effecting the world and the martial arts community. They also go on a tangent about truth, authority figures, and lies of omission. Visit our sponsors: is your destination for learning from IBJJF Black Belt World […]


Episode 28 – Tag Team Sumo Wrestling

February 27, 2020

Robert returns from Miami off a major coaching win at Substars with Fellipe Andrew scoring another submission win against Patrick Gaudio and speaks about the particular way Andrew uses the foot lock. He also talks about how entertaining the sumo wrestling was, which brings about a conversation on how diversified grappling styles are being used […]


Episode 27 – Warrior Spirit & Exploration

February 20, 2020

Rob fills us in on his new gym he is opening up in Las Vegas that will be a new MMA training facility, and the reason why he is developing it, and then him and Dave talk about UFC Fight Night 167 with the Diego Sanchez vs Michel Pereira fight ending controversy, which had people […]


Episode 26 – Experience & Rules

February 13, 2020

Rob and Dave discuss the recent match up between new black belt, Roberto Jimenez, and Keenan Cornelius and go into a deep dive between the importance of experience and rules. A bunch of martial arts history and stories from the two result for a fun discussion. Visit our sponsors: is your destination for learning […]


Episode 25 – Trust and Labels

February 6, 2020

Rob and Dave return from their travels to discuss recent tournaments, such as IBJJF European Championships and Kasai. We talk about Robert’s two students, Fellipe Andrew and Luciana Mota, becoming the #1 ranked IBJJF athletes in the world, and the journey they had, which brings about a conversation about coaching, styles, labels, and more. Visit […]


Episode 24 – Cross Training

January 23, 2020

Rob and Dave discuss the topic of cross training – going to different teams to train and the consequences of it. We also talk about the Modolfo Camp organized by Mo Jassim, ADCC Coordinator, who has Henry Cejudo, Gordon Ryan, Craig Jones, Kaynan Duarte, JT Torres, and a host of other champions all training under […]


Episode 23 – Training Light?

January 16, 2020

Training Light – is there a good reason to? Yes. Rob and I discuss the importance of having a safety first training approach, along with being team-conscious. Particularly when training with people smaller, weaker, or less experienced than yourself. We also talk about how the responsibility for training safely comes from both parties, big and […]


Episode 22 – UFC Biz, Tag Teams, Ancient Wisdom

January 9, 2020

Back from the Holiday Break, Rob and Dave start off by catching up with each other, then discuss the upcoming UFC fight between Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone, followed by the recently announced tag team match between Craig Jones, Nick Rodriguez, Vinny Magalhaes, and Kyle Boehm. They then go on various tangents talking about ancient societies, forgotten knowledge, importance of […]


Episode 21 – Curiosity and Humiliation

December 19, 2019

Rob and Dave move to a new studio and talk about UFC 245 main event Kamaru Usman vs Colby Covington. They then explore why curiosity is such an important factor in the growth of a person, how the fear of humiliation can prevent growth, how to make someone comfortable opening up, why Rickson Gracie wasn’t […]

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