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Episode 20 – MMA History, Leadership, Honesty

December 12, 2019

In this fun conversation, Rob and Dave talk about current events, then move on to leadership, politics, honesty, and MMA history. Some great nuggets of information about understanding gym cultures, and human psychology as well. Visit our sponsors: is your destination for learning from IBJJF Black Belt World Champion and ADCC Absolute World Champion […]


Episode 19 – Athlete Cross Over, Seasonal Training, Sex

December 5, 2019

Rob and Dave start off this episode talking about athletes crossing over sports, from MMA to grappling and vice versa, before going over the pitfalls of seasonal training, break down the myth of sex before competition, learning to lose, and BS techniques that they have used. Visit our sponsors: is your destination for learning […]


Episode 18 – Fortunes, Social Media and Confidence

November 28, 2019

$100k prizes for grappling? It is now a thing, thanks to the Spyder Jiu-Jitsu Invitational that paid out not one, by two $100k prizes to their tournament winners Levi Jones-Leary and Kaynan Duarte. Robert and David talk about the implications of that, and go on a wide ranging conversation, moving from the rise of Asia […]


Episode 17 – Why We Fight

November 21, 2019

Why do we fight? Is it for ego, fame, money, or power? We discuss that, along with topical news related to that, with Gordon Ryan having a hard time securing an opponent – despite being the double gold ADCC champion with a huge draw in grappling. We also discuss different approaches to warming up, with […]


Episode 16 – Equality

November 14, 2019

Should women be paid equally to men? That question and many more are answered by Rob and Dave is they explore the concept of equality versus the demands of society. They also go into our obsession with violence, why most of us are white belts in breathing, importance of bare knuckle training, and why David […]


Episode 15 – BJJ vs Wrestling vs MMA

November 7, 2019

Rob and Dave go over the recent bout between Demian Maia and Ben Askren in the UFC, and break down the differences between BJJ, Wrestling, and MMA and who represents what. They also go into the reluctance wrestlers have to learning more BJJ, and a bunch of other topics along the way. Unfortunately, we had […]


Episode 14 – Order and Discipline

October 31, 2019

Robert fresh from a European tour comes back to discuss with Dave the importance of order and discipline. The two talk about Keenan Cornelius‘ new academy, Legion and his position on uniforms and calling himself American Jiu Jitsu, as an example about order that should serve both school owners and students alike. They then talk […]


Episode 13 – Frank Mir

October 24, 2019

Two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir joins the podcast, and we discuss his affinity for submissions, the problems with giving entitlements based on sex or race instead of performance, driving in a silent car with family, and Frank’s mental approach to a fight. Check out Frank Mir’s podcast, Phonebooth Fighting: Subscribe: iTunes: Play: […]


Episode 12 – Kit Dale

October 17, 2019

Rob and Dave have Australian funny man, BJJ extraordinaire, and rising Hollywood star Kit Dale on the show to talk about his favorite subject: drilling. 🙂 We also goes over his origin story in the martial arts, going from Rugby, to BJJ, and leading into acting. We then discuss his methodology of learning, contrasting drilling […]


Episode 11 – Training Mindset

October 10, 2019

Rob and Dave discuss one of the most important aspects of becoming an elite competitor and a highly successful individual – your training mindset. Everyone has heard that the way you train is the way you will compete. Likewise, the way you train your mind is the way your mind will be when you compete. […]

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