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Episode 07 – Return of the Grappler

September 12, 2019

Rob and Dave talk about UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov latest title defense, and the return of the grappler in the UFC – going into what techniques allow him to succeed and the ebb and flow of styles in MMA. They also discuss the relationship between athletes and coaches, performance anxiety and how visualization can […]


Episode 06 – ADCC 2019

September 5, 2019

Rob and Dave sit down and give their names to look out for in this years ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championships in a detailed look at each division. Along the way, they talk about the challenges of being a school owner and a competitor simultaneously, being a fast and loose grappler versus a slow and […]


Episode 05 – Creonte

August 29, 2019

David and Robert discuss the origins, problems, and reasons for the contempt of the creonte – a term created by grandmaster Carlson Gracie to describe a person who switches teams. In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, being called a creonte is like having a scarlet letter on your back. They also discuss different training regimens, such as […]


Episode 04 – Balance, Ambition, Fairness

August 22, 2019

David Avellan and Robert Drysdale sit down to talk about achieving life balance between goals, competition, training, and stress management. They also touch on the importance of ambition, but the draw backs it comes with as well. They then go into talking about fairness, going from weight classes, to physical abilities, and their trip to […]


Episode 03 – Gi vs No Gi

August 15, 2019

David Avellan and Robert Drysdale sit down to talk about one of the most debated points in BJJ: the importance of training in the gi for MMA and no-gi competition. They also go on a few rants about what it means to be a black belt, social media influence on martial arts culture, and why […]


Episode 02 – Kevin Lee

August 8, 2019

David Avellan and Robert Drysdale get top Lightweight Kevin “Motown Phenom” Lee on the podcast to share his perspective on how adversity has made him rise to fame and power so quickly. We dig into Kevin’s roots, and learn the origin of the nickname “Motown Phenom” (which is deeper than you might expect). We also talk about how the MMA game […]


Episode 01 – Felipe Pena

July 22, 2019

David Avellan and Robert Drysdale host their first episode of Breaking The Guard, a podcast dedicated to studying the inner workings of top athletes in the martial arts. Starting our first episode with reigning ADCC 2017 Absolute World Champion Felipe Pena. We talk to him about his rise to the top, what Everyday Porrada means […]

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